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Reissue your Mortgage Credit Certificate

 Refinancing? Keep your tax benefit! 

Mortgage Credit Certificate (MCC) reissuance is available to IHDA homeowners that already have an MCC. An MCC can be reissued as many times within a 30-year period as long as the property remains the borrower's primary residence. If any items
are missing, IHDA will not reissue the MCC and will return any mailed-in documentation.


Here is what we need

  1. Copy of signed FINAL Closing Disclosure (CD) from the refinance of the subject property. (The certificate cannot be reissued until the refinance is complete). Example

  2. A copy of the existing and/or re-issued MCC. 

  3. A letter from the borrower stating the following (this can be an email):

    1. The full address of the property

    2. The borrower's full name

    3. “I reside at the above property as my primary residence”  Example

  4. A check in the amount of $150.00, made payable to the Illinois Housing Development Authority. Include the word Homeownership along with your MCC certificate number on the memo line.

Send the check to:
For USPS Mail Only 
Illinois Housing Development Authority

PO Box 93397 

Chicago, IL 60673 

For UPS or FedEx 
JP Morgan Chase Bank 
Attn: Lockbox 93397 
Illinois Housing Development Authority

131 S. Dearborn, 6th Floor 
Chicago, IL 60603 

TIP: For the fastest service, email everything (except the check) to If email is not an option, mail everything to the address above.  

You can send this list to your refinancing lender. They can provide everything required!


Questions? Email us at 

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