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TPO Connect ® Training Portal

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Admin Guide

User Guide for assigned System Administrators.

Commitment Confirmations

How to retrieve a commitment confirmation from TPO Connect.

Encompass 0% Loan Product Guide

Guide to using 0% Loan Products with Encompass LOS.

Encompass DPA Supported Documents List

A list of supported documents that may be exported from TPO Connect. For use by lenders using Encompass as their LOS.

Encompass Release Notes

21.3 Major Release. Detailed information on features and enhancements. For use by lenders using Encompass as their LOS.

Extending A Loan

How to extend a reservation in TPO Connect.

Loan Program Changes

How to make loan program updates or switches in TPO Connect.

Locate & Upload Post Fund QC Conditions

Guide to finding QC Post Fund conditions and uploading for them

MI Guide For FHA Loans

How to add or edit mortgage insurance on FHA loan types.

Registering and Locking Step By Step

How to register and lock a loan in TPO Connect.

Uploading Items

How to upload documents and conditions to TPO Connect.

User Guide

How to use TPO Connect.

Withdrawing/Cancelling A Loan

How to withdraw or cancel a reservation in TPO Connect.

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